Brave Dog Rescues Man Who Fell Into Frozen Michigan Lake

Imagine the heart-stopping moment of falling through the ice on a frozen lake. That’s precisely what happened to a 65-year-old man in Michigan, but luckily, he had a hero by his side. Ruby, a brave dog, came to her owner’s rescue, teaming up with a police officer to save the man from danger. Bystanders quickly called 911, and when the police officer arrived, he used Ruby to retrieve rescue equipment and deliver it to the man in the icy water. With Ruby’s help, the officer successfully pulled the man to safety. A heartwarming example of teamwork and loyalty, this incredible rescue reminds us of the dangers that lurk beneath the surface of frozen lakes.

Brave Dog Rescues Man Who Fell Into Frozen Michigan Lake

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Event Description

Brave Dog Rescues Man Who Fell Into Frozen Michigan Lake

You won’t believe this heartwarming story out of Michigan. A brave dog named Ruby came to her owner’s rescue this week on Arbutus Lake. While out for a dog walk, the owner, a 65-year-old man, fell through the ice on the frozen lake. Luckily, bystanders quickly called 911, and a Michigan state police officer arrived to assist. With Ruby’s help, the man was successfully rescued from the freezing waters. This incredible tale of teamwork and bravery demonstrates the bond between humans and their loyal canine companions.


Dog and Policeman Team Up to Save Man Who Fell Into Frozen Michigan Lake

In a heart-stopping incident on Arbutus Lake in Michigan, a man found himself in a life-threatening situation after falling through the ice. Thankfully, a brave dog named Ruby and a quick-thinking state police officer came to his aid, performing a remarkable rescue operation. This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the selflessness and courage of animals and humans when faced with dangerous situations.

Brave Dog Rescues Man Who Fell Into Frozen Michigan Lake

Background Information

Arbutus Lake in Michigan

Arbutus Lake, located in the Forest Lakes area of Grand Traverse County, Michigan, is a string of five small lakes covering 394 acres. It is a popular destination for fishing and outdoor activities, especially in winter. The lake’s serene beauty attracts anglers seeking black crappie, bluegill, northern pike, and sunfish. With its picturesque surroundings and tranquil atmosphere, Arbutus Lake provides the perfect setting for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy various recreational activities.

Characteristics of Arbutus Lake

Arbutus Lake boasts diverse features that make it a prime location for outdoor activities. The lake offers a serene and picturesque environment, from clear waters to wooded shores. The lake’s size, covering 394 acres, provides ample space for fishing, boating, and other water-based activities. Arbutus Lake attracts many visitors in the winter months who participate in cross-country skiing and other winter sports. The lake’s proximity to nature preserves and wildlife areas contributes to its appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

The Incident

A man falls through the ice on Arbutus Lake.

While enjoying a leisurely walk on Arbutus Lake, a 65-year-old man tragically fell through the ice, plunging into the freezing waters below. His unexpected and dangerous situation left him in desperate need of help.

Bystanders call 911

Witnessing the man’s fall, concerned bystanders immediately dialed 911. Understanding the situation’s urgency, they knew that swift action was required to save the man’s life.

Michigan state police officer arrives at the scene

Responding to the distress call, a Michigan state police officer quickly arrived. The officer, Cameron Bennetts, brought a body camera to document the rescue operation.

The Rescue

Officer Cameron Bennetts films the rescue.

Officer Cameron Bennetts, equipped with his body camera, began filming the rescue operation. The footage would later serve as a testament to the bravery and determination the officer and Ruby exhibited.

Using the dog Ruby to retrieve rescue equipment

Recognizing the need for specialized equipment to reach the man in distress, Officer Bennetts enlisted the help of Ruby, a loyal and courageous dog. Knowing that time was of the essence, they swiftly coordinated their efforts to execute the rescue successfully.

First attempt fails, second attempt successful

In an initial effort, Officer Bennetts threw a rescue disc, tethered to a rope, towards the man. Unfortunately, the equipment did not reach him, leaving him stranded in the icy waters. Undeterred, Officer Bennetts adjusted his strategy.

Calling Ruby over, Officer Bennetts securely fastened the rescue disc to the dog’s collar. With the man’s head and shoulders barely above the ice, he called out to his faithful canine companion. Responding to her owner’s call, Ruby fearlessly and determinedly reached him, delivering the vital rescue disc.

With the equipment in hand, the police officer instructed the man to kick his legs while he, along with the assistance of a firefighter, carefully pulled him out of the freezing waters using the rope. Through their combined efforts, the man was successfully rescued from certain danger.

Brave Dog Rescues Man Who Fell Into Frozen Michigan Lake
Brave Dog Rescues Man Who Fell Into Frozen Michigan Lake 3

The Man’s Condition

Man in the water for 16 minutes

The man endured a harrowing 16 minutes in the icy water before being rescued. The frigid temperatures and the threat of hypothermia loomed over his survival. However, thanks to the quick response and unwavering dedication of Officer Bennetts, Ruby, and the firefighter, his life was ultimately spared.

Taken to the hospital and released

Following the rescue, the man was immediately transported to the hospital for medical evaluation. Fortunately, he received a clean bill of health and was released from the hospital. This uplifting outcome stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the rescue operation and the exceptional teamwork demonstrated by all involved.

Social Media Posts

Michigan State Police Seventh District’s post on Twitter

In acknowledgment of the extraordinary rescue effort, the Michigan State Police Seventh District shared the heartwarming story on their Twitter account. The post emphasized the importance of teamwork and praised the swift action taken by Officer Bennetts and Ruby. The overwhelming response from the online community was a testament to the public’s appreciation for the heroic efforts of these individuals and their four-legged companions.

Description of Arbutus Lake

Location and size

Arbutus Lake is in the Forest Lakes area of Grand Traverse County, Michigan. It is home to five interconnected small lakes, covering a total area of 394 acres. Situated amidst picturesque surroundings, Arbutus Lake offers visitors a scenic and serene environment to engage in various outdoor activities.

Fishing and winter activities

Arbutus Lake is renowned for its fishing opportunities. The lake is home to a variety of fish species, including black crappie, bluegill, northern pike, and sunfish, making it a paradise for anglers. During winter, the lake transforms into a hub for winter activities as enthusiasts take to the frozen waters for cross-country skiing and other winter sports. The combination of natural beauty and recreational opportunities makes Arbutus Lake a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Brave Dog Rescues Man Who Fell Into Frozen Michigan Lake

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A joint effort saves man on Arbutus Lake.

The heartwarming story of Ruby the Dog and Officer Cameron Bennett’s rescue operation serves as a reminder of the incredible bond between humans and animals. Their collaborative efforts not only saved a man’s life in peril but also showcased the remarkable bravery and selflessness that humans and animals are capable of. Arbutus Lake, with its natural beauty and diverse recreational activities, continues to captivate the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts. This tale of heroism will undoubtedly inspire many to appreciate the power of teamwork and the indomitable spirit of man’s best friend in the face of adversity.

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